We will notice different "levels" in the use of digital scrapbooking.

  • Almost all of the scrappers use their computer:
    to print photos, to write a title or to draw up a "journaling" of the layout ...
  • Besides, there are persons who use digital scrapbooking as a basis
    for their manual scrapbooking:
    layout of their pictures, then including all possible textual elements they like.
    Embellishments are then added onto the printed version of the page, which has thus been created.
  • To finish, going still further in the use of computer, it is possible to embellish 
    one's own page using "digital kits" downloadable on the internet, thus completely leaving
    the manual part of scrapbooking.

Depending on one's desire and needs, digital scrapbooking is useful for all!