What is scrapbooking ?

The term Scrapbooking  is issued from the english terms "scrap" and "book".
This is a way of filing and presenting well photographs with decorative elements and a narrative element. The idea is to unite thoughts, extracts of poems or quotings, roughs, post cards, labels/tags, entry tickets, press cuttings, to make souvenirs live ...
It is a matter of a complete creative technique, which is very personal.


History of scrapbooking

The word itself exists since the 18th century, but the oldest scrapbooking album is likely to be issued from Germany and would date of the end of the   17th century. The first Scrapbooking magazine was published in Great Britain since 1825.

The art of personalizing photo albums stems from decoration and illustration of literary works with painting and paper collages in Japan, in Persia, in Europe, which appeared in the 15th century.

This creative leasure exists in the United States of America since 1800s, but came to France in around 2000.