The word "scrap" appears in the 19th century.
At that time it meant newspaper cuttings and pieces of colored papers used to decorate and personnalize albums.

1825 : The 1st review dedicated to scrapbooking is published in Great Britain. It presented methods to do scrapbooking.

1826 : John Poole publishes the book "Manuscript Gleanings and Literary Scrapbook" where he exposes methods and techniques to create and conserve scrapbooking works.

1839 : Photography appears, a revolution is under way.

1854 : The term "scrapbook" is officialized and defined in the Oxford English Dictionary.

1888 : Kodak markets the 1st portable photographic camera. Photo becomes accessible to more people. It is the heyday of scrapbooking.

1914 : The 1st world war. The fad for scrapbooking runs out of steam naturally.

1976 : Genealogy becomes a real society phenomenon in the United States after the publication of the book by Alex Haley "Roots". It is followed by a renewal of interest for scrapbooking: Americans are impatient to learn who were their ancestors and present their researches in scrapbooking albums.

1980: The Mormons expose their scrapbook during the international convention of genealogy in Salt Lake City.

1980 : The 1st "Cropping", meeting of scrappers, who exchange their techniques, ideas, astuteness ...

2000 : Scrapbooking is exported in France thanks to the translation of books, magazines and internet sites.