The most important thing during the choice of a glue is to check whether it contains acid (neutral pH) or "archival quality ".
If nothing is mentioned on the packaging of the glue (in supermarket), it is necessary to test the pH. !!!

Depending on the usage, certain packagings are more efficient:

  • To glue large surfaces, it is better to choose a compact glue in retractile stick.
  • For the precision collages, it is better to choose a liquid glue in the form of pen with thin end.


Double-face adhesives 

They are presented in the form of continuous ribbon or pellets distributor (squares of the size around 1 x 1 cm or thin banderoles of 0,1 x 1 cm).
It is more practical than glue (no overflow, no trace, no paper curl/warping…), but it is more expensive…

It is easy to find it, they are sold even in superstores.


Photo corners

It is used when you wish to fix on a page the originals of photos of which you do not have negative, and before all for old photos.
Thus, it will always be possible to use the same picture for another project or for making it remove. They must not contain acid.


Adhesive foam squares

These are square or round pellets that are used to give a 3D effect or to raise certain elements on the page.



Xyron is a machine for gluing, which allows to apply an adhesive film on a piece of paper or directly on a shape, with a protecting film that is removed at the moment of gluing the shape on a page.

It is a matter of creating stickers. They exist in several sizes.