More than the simple picture cut, scrapbooking means also knowing how to embellish harmoniously your layouts.
Here is a view of the most commonly used techniques:

Decorative perforators

They are very popular. They allow cutting in a picture or paper
of a unique and perfect form.

Decorative scissors

There are such scissors of all kinds. The form of their teeth allow cutting various border items.


They have different types, such as scrapbooking eyelets and brads. They are often used for fastening pictures.


Various ribbons and fibers may easily show off a layout,
to attach a tag or decorate a photo, for example.

All the rest ...

Scrapbooking charms, rivets, rollers, buttons, stickers, rub-on transfer, loops and ribbon slides.
To repeat, the number of possibilities is large. Be imaginative!