Quick drying inks


or dye inks.

They are used for backgrounds, either with tampons, or by inking the borders of the sheet. Chalk inks make a part of that.

Inks in white box at Colorbox, for example.


Slow drying inks

or pigment inks.

They are used for gluing and coloring the heat embossing powder.

The stamp pad foam remains flexible. Drying takes about 15 minutes. There are ink refills to give a second life to dried stamp pads.

Inks in black box at Colorbox, for example.

Particular case: the Versamark ink, transparent, which dries very slowly (a whole day). It may serve to stamp a just background, a tone darker than support. It exists in the form of stamp pad, refill for inking rollers, as well as in the form of inking roller pen (ideal for embossing a title).

As it is very gluing, it suits very well also for heat embossing.