Here is a presentation of different types of albums used by scrapbookers.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages; the choice will thus depend on your personal tastes and your way of working, may be also on their availability on a particular market or on the markets of your geographic area.

Do not hesitate to change styles, colors and formats (the most common ones are the format 12 x 12 = 30 x 30 cm and the format A4 or 8,5 x 11) according to your plans, as the variety is always enriching.
If you have a handyman mind (and we are not surprised about it), you can also manufacture your own albums by applying the techniques of cardboard crafting.

  • Pocket Binders
  • Display books
  • Spiral-bound albums
  • Silk sheet albums
  • Strap-hinged albums
  • Post-bound albums