It exists in different formats with 2 or 4 rings (choose 4 rings for a better holding of the pockets).
The format A4 is more widely spread but we find also the format A3 and binders called "italian binder" (landscape orientation).

With these binders, people use transparent and perforated pockets to choose preferably among high quality ones and crystal, that is to say, without PVC and having a perfect transparency.
Thanks to these pockets, your pages are protected from finger traces and you can, in the same time, change the order of the pages without problem  and improve the capacity of your album by adding pockets.
The cost is low as well, even if you have to buy yet the paper to slide into the pockets. 
For more aesthetics, you can cover your binder with decorative tissue and interlining.

Despite all this, this type of album would always remain less beautiful than the other models presented here.