This type of album is easily found in most of photography shops or in Fnac chain stores (trademarks Panodia, Canson, Prat, etc.); in different formats, with covers in tissue, leather, plain or decorated. Some of them bears "acid-free" reference such as the albums Prat that you can find in some stationery shops, Fnac and in the "l'Art du papier" shops in Paris.
The pages are plain (white, ivory, black) without transparent protectors.
It is thus necessary to be careful when you handle this kind of album (or when other people handle it!); mind you don't leave finger traces on the photos!
Pay attention also when you turn the pages, because with spiral papers, the holding of pages is more fragile.

Finally, the main disadvantage, or if we call it rather a constraint, it is the impossibility to reorganize pages, because they are fixed.
It is thus necessary for you to plan your album and its layout before definite creation, which can seem constraining for some people.
The number of pages is also fixed, thus it is impossible to add one or several pages.
Besides, these albums are rather expensive in most cases.