It is almost impossible to find this type of album in France actually, but thanks to Internet, you can eventually order it in specialized shops.
Strap-hinged albums are solid and rather aesthetic, some of them have reinforced corners, a cover in plain or decorative tissue. They exist in different formats.
Inside the album, white pages (you can also buy black pages) with detachable protectors, while the set of pages is held by two plastic straps.
Thus, there is no space between the pages which face each other, which is well more aesthetic, when you create a double page.
If you don't have enough space, you can also add pages, as there are spare pages sold separately.

However, you must know that in order to add a page or change a page position, it is not so practical, as it is rather needed to dissassemble the whole album.
This is surely the main disadvantage of this kind of album.