Choosing pictures

The objective is to show off one or several pictures in order to present them well. Standard album is finished!

As we wish to put the photos on one page, the theme must be identical. It is also better if the colors are in the same tone. This gives a certain harmony to the page.

Although the primary theme in scrapbooking is family photos, we can also have all other subjects, in particular, holidays, landscapes ...

Once you have selected photos, what remains you to do is to put, to dispose them and then pass to the cutting stage.



The usual format is 30 x 30 cm, and you can choose an other format depending on the size of the album or the creation.


It is up to you to choose! The color must be in harmony with the pictures. We would choose rather blue than red for photos of the sea, for instance!

Background can be plain or decorative. Pay attention for not to overload. Don't forget that it's needed to show off the pictures!


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