Why cut out pictures?

 This is even the principle of scrapbooking. Cutting shows off pictures or certain elements of the picture. It also allows disposing differently  the pictures and in particular to nest them. Thus you give a style to your album !

There are numerous die cuts and you can let run free your imagination. The form of the picture shape can be related to the theme of the pictures: a boat for sea-related pictures, balloons for a birthday ...

How to cut out pictures

The cutting out of pictures is carried out manually or using the material for a more specific cutting-out. This technique requires some precautions such as to have several copies of a photo. If you've made an error in cutting or in form, you need to start again!

In order to avoid these problems, the use of a computer helps much. Thanks to digiscrap and a software, cutting-out of pictures becomes simple. Moreover, one can restart and change the shape.

Before cutting out pictures, you need to think about the layout, the style that you wish to give to it. It is preferable to cut out pictures according to an only shape in order the whole set is harmonious.

Various shapes

Simple shapes

 The cutting-out is done with simple geometric forms: square, circle, rhomb, polygon ...

Découpe des photos avec des formes simples et géométrique

More worked-out picture shapes

 One cuts out the picture in a form representing an object, a natural element, an animal ... These picture shapes are perfect to give an amusing and ludic aspect to the layouts.

 Decoupe de photos avec des gabarits plus élaborés


Mosaic is an ancient art that had been used in ancient times, in particular by the Romans. It is a matter of a decorative assembling containing small pieces. This technique is used in scrapbooking.

Pictures are cut out in squares. Elements of the picture are placed and spaced to form a mosaic. In the disposition part, you will see that a mosaic may be composed of several pictures.

Mosaïque d'une photo